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    's goal is to become known as "The Place for Art" on the Internet.           
     was created to bring the beautiful artwork of just one artist to the web, the founders Mother. Just a few months later, he discovered the demand other talented artists had for wanting to get their art displayed on the Internet. Those that sell art are looking for new creative ways to market that move their sales to the next level.
    ’s wants to bring together those that create, sell, and enjoy art. We want to become the mySpace for the artistic community. Currently, those who enjoy art do not have a website where they can truly get excited about art and talk to others that share their passion. They need a place where they can easily locate and talk to artists worldwide and purchase art without the middle man. Those that sell art need a place where the whole world is their gallery, where they avoid paying large commissions and where user comments allow them to learn and grow.'s biggest expense will be marketing and our main priority will be to promote our member's work.
     offers a set of tools that enable artist, art collectors, galleries, and art representatives to sell their art direct to buyers worldwide while they take a small percentage of the sale. will also host various discussion groups and that online content will become valuable to artists and those that enjoy art throughout the Internet. will eventually work with vendors to sell discounted supplies, art reproductions such as giclé prints, and host art shows worldwide using its extensive list of those that sell and admire art.
        Once a member decides to sell their art directly to buyers worldwide, they login and setup the item so it becomes available for sale. When a buyer purchases and pays for that item, the artist is notified and told to ship the artwork with insurance. Once a month, sellers are charged a small commission for all artwork sold and a fee if they wish to become a featured member. After the sale, the buyer and seller are asked to leave feedback about the transaction. Members also have the option to work with affiliates to manage the art reproductions process and shipment of their work. Supplies may also be purchased online.
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