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Adam Spigel

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Art 2.0 - Using Social Networking to Market and Sell Art

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My thoughts on ways to use social media - Twitter, Facebook, mySpace to market and sell art
by Adam Spigel, posted Tuesday, August 04, 20092 Comments

Grand Canyon Panoramic 1 by Adam Spigel - Color Photography I’ve never considered myself much of a writer and have never really blogged but I’m going to do my best. There seems to be many ways to attack the world of social media:, Facebook, sticking to mini-blog service such as Twitter and so on. That is fine but what is the best way to connect with possible art buyers? All of them?

I want to share with you my vision of how will work with other social networks not only to promote art but also to SELL ART. It’s all about getting more exposure, the more reciprocal links pointing to your site, the better. I heard one of the reasons YouTube took off was because everyone started imbedded links to uploaded video on their sites which in Google’s eyes, is A GOOD THING.

From what I can tell, the key is to increase your exposure by getting the word out. Become a shameless self promoter like Heidi Miller. Find sites that do great job with their SEO (search engine optimization). After getting your work online, figure out how high you rank when searching Google.

My vision: everything is one place and then you get the word out through syndication. Users go to a site where your portfolio is well presented and that offers you tools to succeed. It doesn’t matter if you sell online or through a gallery, it still works to your advantage to promote your work many places online. Of course you are busy so you need to quickly send friends and followers an "update" and maybe also include a "link" to a recent blog post, art event or possibly a work of art in order to obtain feedback or to make a sale. That “update” and "link" is not only presented within your profile but it is also sent to your Twitter account for your followers to see and to Facebook for your friends. Within Twitter, we recommend using the built in feed to Facebook or you could use the Twitter by Twitter - Facebook App. There are many of these tools and all of them automatically push updates from Twitter to Facebook. If using the Twitter by Twitter App, be sure to click on “Allow Twitter to Update Your Facebook Status”.

Another thought is that it seems getting on the web and creating good content is critical to gain exposure. Blog, Blog, Blog. Update, Update, Update...   Remember what I said, the more links the better. Those that end up loving your content will not only retweet your uddates, they will follow your blogs and spread the word. Write about anything you love. I love photography and in particular, the panoramic type. Well, I’m going to create a blog telling others what I’ve learned on this site that also feeds to Twitter and Facebook. Become an expert in something you love. From what I’ve heard, success is little more guaranteed when you approach anything in this manner.

Another cool tool to syndicate your blog content is Social RSS . It places your blog posts on your Facebook profile and pages for all your friends to read. So not only are your Facebook friends seeing your Twitter updates, but also your blogs. Cool !!!   Am sure mySpace can do the same.

So to recap:
1. Upload Art to get feedback and to sell.
2. Setup Twitter to feed Facebook or install the Twitter by Twitter Facebook App
3. In the case of, create updates using the "Generate URL button" from any work or art to create a link and then select the option for us to update Twitter. If the steps are followed above, Twitter would then send the update/link to Facebook.   Cool !!!
4. Make a blog post about something you love and let the blogging system automatically send the update to Twitter and Facebook using the title and short link to the post.
5. Syndicate your blog content on your Facebook profile and pages using Social RSS .

I need to be proactive myself and practice what I preach. Any other ideas? I look forward to your comments.

adam I like it. When time permits, some of my top goals is to complete both a Facebook and iPhone app. Anything that helps members increase their exposure and increase sales is a good thing. Leveraging the network of Facebook, mySpace, LinkedIn and other would really be great!
Tuesday, October 27, 2009
collectivecube Hi Adam, I'm developing a facebook app to sell art without ever leaving the Facebook environment. What do you think about it? Looks like a good idea? Regards Jorge San Diego, CA
Thursday, October 15, 2009

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