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Adam Spigel

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member since 01-23-2009
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Art 2.0 - Using Social Networking to Market and Sell Art

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How to Sell More Artwork Using Blogs Located on a Web Site where Your Art is Listed for Sale
by Adam Spigel, posted Wednesday, September 23, 20090 Comments

I know itís dangerous but this morning, I was doing some thinking. Why is it better to publish blogs on a site where your art is listed for sale rather then a site such as Blogger and how can it help me increase sales? Iíve been doing a lot of research for and would like tell you about some of my findings.

When you publish a blog, search engines such as Google love this keyword rich content. For the moment, blogs are HOT! What ends up happening is that others start to love your blogs and link to them generating more traffic. This is what Google loves and you know what is even better Ė reciprocal links !! The more people linking to your site, the more traffic you will receive. Ask any SEO expert. So what if you publish on and everybody starts linking to that content. Those on other sites click on links that take them to Blogger where your artwork isnít displayed for sale. Bummer!† Whatís worse is that Blogger and the sites doing the linking to your content end up getting all the search engine credit. Yes, of course you could have link to your website but what if you could have it all: sites link to keyword rich blog content on your own site where people could then purchase your art. This way, Google gives you credit and boost your search engine rankings.

Believe me, I wanted an easy way out and thought about using Blogger. Itís a great site and is well developed by Google but getting buyers to purchase artwork was my focus and getting ranked higher is critical.

Now I want to give you a real example of how this paid off. Please, create a blog using your artwork about a topic you love and make some sales:

On, I published this blog post:

A few weeks later, when I do a Google search for some of the keywords I used throughout my blog post, guess what I find on Googleís first page:

Thatís right; the blog post is listed as #3 on Google !!!

Whatís even better, when userís click on blog post link from Google or from a site that uses a link to the blog post, they can see my latest news updates, art events and can easily see my artwork or learn more about me.

Iím thinking this can help you sell some art.† Follow this blogs RSS feed to learn more.

Thanks, Adam


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How to Sell More Artwork Using Blogs Located on a Web Site where Your Art is Listed for Sale

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