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        Sell your original works of art along with high quality art reproductions. These can range from paintings, photography, glass, fine art sculptures, jewelry, and much more. For those that sell art, your online presence should play a critical part in your advertising mix. The art world is an image driven business and itís more important then ever to market your work to the tech-savvy consumer that continues to buy more of everything online, including art.           
        If you already have a website, the additional exposure you gain by posting art on becomes a real advantage. Remember, we are now FREE!. We only ask that you spread the word about our great site.
        When you are ready to sell your artwork, it is easy add any number of products           
                Start by going to your profile.           

                Click the "Artwork" link in the Manage Gallery section of your profile.           

                Click the work of art you want to sell in the Artwork window.
        If you do not have any artwork, visit the upload section of this tour above.

                Select the product you wish to sell from the "Artwork Products" section.           

                Complete the form.           

                Review the product and accept the sellers agreement by selecting the "Add Product" button.           

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